March of Dimes Foundation

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We here at the Sedated Camp strive to make a positive difference in the World. Be it by just lending a hand, or making contributions. Sadly, because we are starving artists, making contributions has been scarce in the past, but we’ve always given what we could. Now things have changed a bit in this digital realm, and distributing our products has become easier and more assessable to the world. And thanks to YOU, the Sedated Nation, the word about Sedated is spreading like WILD FIRE, ACROSS THE GLOBE! We are picking up a fan base in FIVE out of the SEVEN CONTINENTS! We can’t express enough how much we apperciate your continued support, so we have chosen a way to show it by giving back. 

The March of Dimes is a foundation who’s mission is “We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.” We have very close and personal experienses within our own families and close friends who have had babies either born with serious life threatening medical conditions, or premature child birth. One of whom had twin babies born prematurely who BOTH SURVIVED! When these babies were born, they were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, their survival was indeed remarkable to say the least. The impact March of Dimes has had on funding the research necessary to give these infants a fighting chance at survival is paramount, and we can honestly say their efforts has impacted the lives of our very own family and friends, and communities alike! It’s very sad when you hear about a baby that doesn’t survive, and the grieving Mothers and Fathers who struggle just to have tried to give their child a fighting chance, but the bright side is that we have charitable foundations like the March of Dimes who are increasing the odds of survival each and everyday!

This is where YOU come in. Right now we are kickstarting a campaign for donations to the March of Dimes. Here’s the catch, it WON”T COST YOU ONE PENNY! That’s right, we understand how hard it is to give, especially during these trying times, so we here at the Sedated Camp have decided to donate $1.00 for every Sedated Mobile App Download! And downloading the App is FREE OF CHARGE! This campaign is a kickstarter campaign for future campaigns we will be promoting, and it applies to the first 50 downloads. As soon as that is filled, we will start a new campaign to continue to activly support this cause. WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP! so PLEASE SHARE THIS and tell a friend. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPACT YOU WILL HAVE ON A LIFE! Go to if you wish to make a direct contribution to the March of Dimes.

Your continued support is what will help us continue to activly support this cause. Everytime you purchase a download, ringtone, t-shirts, or concert tickets; you help us to keep moving forward, and as said before, we greatly apperciate your support.

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